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water garden

Soothing reflections, pretty water flowers and lush green notes with hints of melon and musk.


Top: watery notes, lush green notes, ozone

Middle: sweet melon, water lily, lotus blossom

Bottom: sandalwood, soft musk, willows

peach & lavender

Like an open window onto a bright, clear day. A lavender note and just a dash of peach make it refreshing as a country breeze.


Top: bergamot, blue lavender,

Middle: peach

Bottom: musk, woodsy notes

yankee canlde cottage breeze uk special 2017

yankee candle uk release information 2017

pure essence collection



cherry blossom

an enchanting armful of spring's freshest blooms that turns any room pink and happy

top notes: cherry. mid notes: rose, cherry blossom, jasmine. base notes: powdery musk, sandalwood.


wild mint

just picked fresh wild mint leaves, fresh, crisp, cool and bracing.

top notes:wild mint leaf, spearmint leaves. mid notes: fresh peppermint. base notes: musk, sandalwood


linden tree

fresh blooming linden enjoyed through the green leafy sunlight on a quiet day.

top notes: hosta leaves, linden blossom

mid notes: virburnum base notes: musk, cedarwood


coastal living collection




like a salty favourite, plucked from the beach sand, woody

and sun weathered.

top notes: waterlily, sea salt. mid notes: driftwood, eucalyptus. base notes: tonka bean, crisp cedar.


garden by the sea

a delicate floral scent, with oceanside blooms and bright bundles of sea thrift.

top notes: violet leaves, peony. mid notes: muguet, sea thrift, freesia, water lotus. base notes: white amber, sensual musks.


sea air

the refreshing air at the water's edge, laced with sea salt cyclamen and rose.

top notes: sea water. salty ocean air. mid notes: white cyclamen, rose, beach flower. base notes: sandalwood.


coastal living

an intriguing mix of salty and sweet, coastal flowers carried on a warm ocean breeze.

top notes: sea salt. mid notes: lavender, marine flower. base notes: moss, coral musk.

havana collection



tabacco flower

the spicy sweet, woody scent of tabacco flower.

top notes: ginger root, star anise. mid notes: jasmine, tabacco flower, bamboo leaf. base notes: cedarwood, tonka bean.


viva havana

a complex blend of sandalwood, spices and vanilla.

top notes: incense. mid notes: cinnamon, clove, ginger, nutmeg. base notes: amber, oud, sandalwood.


delicious guava

the delicious, juicy ripe taste of ripe guava filled with tropical delight.

top notes: bergamot,lemon. mid notes: peach, guava, mango. base notes: sugar.


cuban mojito

a chilled mix of mint and lime.

top notes: lime. mid notes: cool mint. base notes: vanilla, sugarcane.

New Yankee Candle Collections Coming Soon  Yankee New Yankee Candle Collections Coming Soon  Yankee New Yankee Candle Collections Coming Soon  Yankee United-Kingdom-Flag-2-icon

uk special appearences | available throughout 2017

cottage breeze

 Like a day by the shore with the refreshing scent of cool salt air blowing across the dunes.


Top: bergamot, sparkling lemon, orange

Middle: cool breeze, pine needles

Bottom: cedarwood, tonka bean, musk

cherry lemonade

The cool sparkle of luscious cherries & just-squeezed lemons is the ultimate summer refresher.


Top: cherry, lemon, pineapple, mandarin

Middle: aldehydes, green, rose, ozone

Bottom: cinnamon, vanilla

uk 2017 easter fragrances


This year Yankee Candle have a new fragrance, Happy Spring, They will be bringing back the ever popular Jelly Beans and focusing on Vanilla Cupcake, No sign of Bunny Cake!

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island waterfall

a cooling mist of tropical waters, tinged with freesia and water lily.

coconut beach

a taste of the tropics with warm coconut blended with pineapple and tahitian vanilla.

hibiscus water

a rich, tropical mix of cool lagoon water and fully open hibiscus. relax and listen for the surf breaking on island shores.

uk 2017 yankee candle special usa releases

from the 2017 usa release collection these are making there way to the uk during 2017 via tv shopping channel QVC.

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moonbeams on pumpkins

see pumpkin in a whole new light and colour - with warm vanilla and just a sprinkle of nutmeg.

honeycrisp apple cider

a scent that revives and relaxes. fresh honeycrisp cider warming up a glass.

autumn dusk

explore a dark, autumn forest of mysterious wood notes and smoky spice

balsam & clove

clove and a pinch of cinnamon make the clean scent of balsam altogether new.

cool christmas mint

a holiday refresher - mint gets refined with lime and just a dash of sweet.

sugar cookie martini

the sugar cookie is all grown up - a refined interpretation with fresh ginger and chilled vodka.

uk 2017 yankee candle home inspiration spring range

spring flowers vanilla icea cream sundae pink island sunset fresh citrus sunny sands blueberry cheesecake fragrant spring meadow strawberries and cream download peaceful beach

spring flowers

bring whole fields worth of florals into your home with this refreshing scent in spring flowers.

vanilla ice cream sundae

satisfy your cravings for all things sweet with the fragrance of vanilla ice cream sundae.

pink island sunset

tropical fruits and citrus will have you thinking of gentle trade winds and full, pink sunsets stretching the horizon.

fragrant spring meadow

packed with fresh wildflowers, this smells just like spring in a jar!

tropical sky

island air at seaside, clean and tinged with sea salt, tropical blooms and tall palms nearby.

sunny sands

a bright, fresh scent that mixes citrus and fruit with floral to lift your spirits like a sunny day at your favorite beach.

blueberry cheesecake

a delicious scent of sweet, juicy blueberries, drizzed over a yummy cheesecake.

strawberries & cream

bring the very essence of a british summer into your home with strawberries and cream. bursting with a scrumptiously sweet aroma.

fresh citrus

freshen up your home with the delicious aroma of sweet orange and tart citrus with this gorgeous.

peaceful beach

with sumptous smells of the seaside, this beautiful fragrance features scents of fresh ocean air, jasmine and driftwood.

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fall in love collection


mulberry & fig delight

A tempting bowl of fruit brimming with juicy mulberries and fresh-picked figs.

Top: Blackberry, Sun Kissed Fig, Raspberry Leaf Mid: Red Plum, Apricot, Peach, Dewberry Base: Tonka, Vanilla Bean

warm cashmere

Wrap yourself in luxury with sumptuous notes of calming sandalwood and exotic patchouli.

Top: Sun-Kissed Orange Mid: Cashmere Wood, Golden Amber, Cardamom Base: Creamy Sandalwood, Sueded Musk, White Patchouli, French Vanilla

autumn glow

Earthy leaves swirl with golden sunlight and woody patchouli—like a walk through the forest in autumn.

Top: Sparkling Citrus Mid: Autumn Blossom, Fresh Cut Herbs Base: Patchouli, Tonka Bean, Golden Amber

vibrant saffron

Discover the warm and vibrant sweetness of saffron infused with the softness of vanilla

Top: Bergamot, Cinnamon Leaf, Star Anise Mid: Saffron Base: Warm Wood Accord, Vanilla Bean, Amber

the perfect christmas collection



crackling wood fire

Build winter memories around an enchanting cedarwood fire, kindled ith hints of birch and eucalyptus.


spiced white cocoa

Warm and indulgent with swirls of cocoa topped with a layer of whipped cream and a hint of nutmeg.


christmas magic

Balsam and pine take a sophisticated turn with hints of birch and eucalyptus.


the perfect tree

This is your perfect tree, balsam and fir scented with festive snowy branches.


candied chestnut (bonus fragrance)

A sweet treat of indulgent chestnuts soaked in sugary syrup with hints of vanilla, so delicious.

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lemon meringue

a lovely combination of citrus, lemon with a touch of sweet vanilla and delicious meringue.

Yankee Candle Home Inspiration Tumbler - Lemon Mer wa cut logo yankee candle maple pancakes large jar yankee candle cranberry peppermint yankee candle holiday sage

maple pancakes

This pure, buttery sweet maple aroma warms

the heart and soul.


cranberry peppermint

A playful, invigorating mix of icy cool

peppermint and sweet cream.

holiday sage

This inspired blend of pine, fir, and laurel, softened with the clean scent of bayberry, frankincense

and myrrh.

uk 2017 yankee candle.co.uk online only exclusives

1533679E_GB 1533685E_GB

beach waves

The fresh, clean scent of salt air rolling in with the breaking waves.


Fragrance Notes:

Top: Marine, Ozone

Mid: White Flowers

Base: Musk


As relaxing as a stroll along the water, breathing in the sweet floral whisper in the onshore breeze.


Fragrance Notes:

Top: Water

Mid: Orange Flower, Pink Hibiscus

Base: Woody, Musk

wa cut logo wa cut logo april 1st wax addicts april 1st wax addicts

happy spring

The season unfolds with smiles in this lovely floral bouquet of wildflowers and white blooms.


jelly bean

A colourful, fun childhood treat you never outgrow, bursting with the scent of sugary sweet fruits.


uk 2017 yankee candle.co.uk online usa exclusives


tuscan vineyard

Picture a lush vista of woody vines thick with dark grapes and paired with vintage whispers of cedar and vanilla.


Fragrance Notes:

Top: Purple Grape

Mid: Black Cherry

Base: Vanilla, Cedar

honey lavender gelato

A refreshing lavender treat that's bursting with flavor and topped with cool berry and warm honey.


Fragrance Notes:

Top: Blackberry

Mid: Lavender

Base: Vanilla Cream, Honey

mediterranean breeze

Feel the warm, salt air of the Mediterranean—a seaside mix of soft citrus blossoms and amber.


Fragrance Notes:

Top: Airy Ozone, Blue Surf Accord

Mid: Citrus Blossoms

Base: Amber Crystals, Oakmoss, Driftwood

wa cut logo wa cut logo wa cut logo 1523408E_GB

hibiscus water

A rich, tropical mix of cool lagoon water and fully open hibiscus, relax and listen for the surf breaking on island shores.


Fragrance Notes:

Top: Watermelon, Apple, Berry Brushstrokes

Mid: Orchid, Rose Centifolia, Lily, Hydrangea, Jasmine, Violet, Orange Flower

Base: Musky, Woody, Moss, Touch of Vanilla

coconut beach

A taste of the tropics, warm coconut blended with pineapple and Tahitian vanilla.



Fragrance Notes:

Top: Salty Air, Pineapple

Mid: Fresh Coconut, Lei Blossom

Base: Airy Musk, Tahitian Vanilla

island waterfall

A cooling mist of tropical waters, tinged with freesia and waterlily.



Fragrance Notes:

Top: Watery Ozone

Mid: Waterlily, Freesia

Base: Musk

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black sand beach

As striking as a stretch of black volcanic sand, black orchid, jasmine and patchouli create a strong, clean scent.

tahitian nights

Just like a stroll, hand-in-hand, along the sand when dusk is at its most romantic—touched with sea salt, driftwood and a gentle breeze of lavender.

wa cut logo 1530815 1530817 1530813 1530816 1530810 1530814


Featherweight meringue flavored with vanilla, peppermint and a dash of citrus


Layers of lusciousness—chocolate, coconut flakes, brown sugar, butterscotch, on and on!


Buttery, warm, and covered in bright sugary sprinkles—it's your childhood favorite.


A sweet, nutty treat of pistachio,

almond and lots of rich vanilla


The wonderful aroma of spicy gingerbread cookies glazed with vanilla icing


Jammy raspberry filling nestled in almond shortbread with a vanilla glaze—irresistible.

The Yankee Candle Cookie Swap Collection

Released in the USA last year these are making an appearence in the UK later this year.

Crunchy Pistachio Vanilla, Sprinkled Sugar Cookie & Candy Cane Meringue are exclusivly only available from yankeecandle.co.uk

Merry Berry Linzer, Magic Cookie Bar, Iced Gingerbread will be available from all official yankee candle outlets.

Cigar Lounge Collection 2017


A range of accessories named the Cigar Lounge Collection is now available in the UK, to complement the collection a range of seasonal fragrances are also due to be made available; Havana Nights, Warm Autumn Evening, Borbon Wood Barrels and another scent, Tropical Fruit Crush.

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Havana Nights

A tropical night in a Havana café, sophisticated, resinous and filled

with expectation.


Fragrance Notes:

Top: Cardamom, Cinnamon

Mid: Sweet Tobacco, Sugarcane

Base: Vanilla, Cedar

Tropical Fruit Crush

A big, lush mix of pineapple, dragonfruit and other tropical fruits—filled with natural sweetness.


Fragrance Notes:

Top: Exotic Fruit, Citrus Orange, Lemon

Mid: Pineapple, Dragonfruit

Base: Vanilla

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Halloween Yankee Candle Range 2017


No Candy Corn this year but a new fragrance 'Haunted Hallow', Forbidden Apple is back too as well as the ever faithful Witches Brew, Great new jar designs!

Yankee Candle Pomegranate Cider

pomegranate cider

A mix of tart pomergranate juice with sweet vanilla and spicy notes of cinnamon and cloves.

wa cut logo 1556263E_GB 1556257E_GB

Bourbon Wood Barrels

Perfectly balanced bourbon whiskey with shades of well-aged oak and a slightly nutty finish, the perfect warm up on a cool autumn night.


Fragrance Notes:

Top: Cask Whiskey

Mid: Aged Oak Barrel, Clove

Base: Vanilla Extract

Warm Autumn Evening

A relaxing interlude of sugary maple and powdery musk mixed with forest woods, just as the sun sets.


Fragrance Notes:

Top: Maple Sugar, Orange Flower

Mid: Creamy Vanilla

Base: Musk, Cedarwood, Sandalwood

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The Gold Collection Limited Edition Autumn 2017

19748345_1889948437685763_6904741177044873776_n Golden Orange Blossom Golden Sandalwood Golden Amber

UK Yankee Candle Home Inspiration 2017 Range | New Fragrances & Design

6876867_R_Z001A 6996709_R_Z001A wa cut logo wa cut logo wa cut logo wa cut logo download (2) download (3) wa cut logo wa cut logo wa cut logo wa cut logo wa cut logo DGx8CcFXkAASVMS 1557419E_GB

Evening Fire

The essence of a gentle fire, smoky, woody, warm and cosy.

Cosy Up

A touch of amber, a dash of petals and lots of all things soft and comforting.

Enchanted Woodland

A beguiling forest scent, full of sensual musk, incense, cardamom and branch.

Golden Dusk

A clean, quiet scent of day's end, crisp air and lakeside trees.

Apple Pomegranate

Wonderfully refreshing, fresh sliced apple and tart pomegranate with an added hint of sweetness.

Midnight Rose

A seductive scent of moist green leaf, amber, sandalwood and rose.

Blueberry Cheesecake


Japanese Maple

A subtly different scent, balanced with fresh blossoms, maplewood and powdery musk.

Cherry Bakewell Tart



Christmas Wishes

As full of promise as the wrapped gifts under the tree—cool jasmine, lavender and plum.

Frosty Winter Morning

A cool scent of blue eucalyptus, holly leaves, cedarwood and powdery musk.

wa cut logo wa cut logo wa cut logo 1569829E_GB 1571897E_GB 1571882E_GB

Glad Tidings

Bright and happy as a mantle hung with Christmas stockings waiting to be found, full of warm amber and edged with sweet citrus.

Holiday Baking

All the great aromas from the Christmas kitchen bring warm holiday memories to life.

Holiday Magic

Nothing brings the season to life like this wonderful mix of bayberry, clove, cinnamon and balsam fir.

1559194E_GB 1557402E_GB 1571887E_GB

Iced Almond Cookies

A real treat, almond cookies iced just so and loaded with vanilla.

Mahogany & Cedar

A crisp, woody scent of mahogany, cedarwood and a hint of sage.

Sparkling Cinnamon Spice

A bundle of cinnamon, rich and spicy, with a swirl of citrus to make it sparkle.

wa cut logo wa cut logo wa cut logo wa cut logo wa cut logo wa cut logo 1559189E_GB 1559193E_GB 1569832E_GB

Oh Christmas Tree

A holiday delight that truly marks the season - pine needles, crisp spruce and good cheer.

Sparkling Holiday

A scent made for holiday get-togethers, sparkling with currant and citrus.

Spiced Winter Berries

A spicy, winter mix of cool balsam, cinnamon stick, sandalwood and clove.

wa cut logo wa cut logo wa cut logo

Haunted Hallow

Blood orange, bergamot, red hot cinnamon, incense, fir balsam, pine needle sap,

smoked clove, vanilla oak, patchouli cedarwood, malt guaiacwood and golden amber.


Witches Brew

The spicy sweet aroma of exotic patchouli casts a captivating Halloween spell.


Forbidden Apple

The spicy sweet aroma of exotic apples casts a captivating Halloween spell.


Festive UK 2017 Special Exclusive to Clinton's


2017-08-19 11_54_38-Yankee Candle Halloween Witches’ Brew Medium Jar Candle _ Temptation Gifts 2017-08-19 11_55_01-Yankee Candle Halloween Forbidden Apple Medium Jar Candle _ Temptation Gifts 2017-09-02 08_27_44-Yankee Candle - Halloween Cand FragFamily_BubblyPomegranate M2E0MzE4ZmNkMGQxNDBkODdiYWZkNDUzNWU3ZTNhNWE1NGIxZTliYTllY2RiOWYzOGFkYWQ2ZTBjNWEwMzp7ImRzIjoiaW1hZ2UiLCJmIjoiXC81XC9fXC81XzcuanBnIiwiZmEiOnRydWUsImZxIjo4MCwiZnQiOnRydWUsImZ3Ijo5MjB9

Sparkling Flame


A cool night warmed by smoky woods and intriguing incense - a cosy celebration.


Fragrance Notes:

Top: Bonfire Accord, Smoky

Mid: Spicy Clove, Juniper, Cypress

Base: Myrrh, Sandalwood, Leather, Balsam

Festive UK 2017 Limited Editions


Cinnamon & Cedar


Sweet, warm cinnamon and fresh cedar make a decidedly festive pair that will brighten your winter holidays.


Fragrance Notes:

Top: Luminous Spice, Cinnamon, Clove

Mid: Cassia

Base: Cedar, Woody, Vanilla, Amber