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Thursday 14th September | "My Favourite Things" with Auto-Delivery | Today's Special Value 

Midnight, 8am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, 10pm

£39.96 + £5.95p&p


Single Drop: 707542

Auto Delivery:708012



1st Drop

1 x Brown Paper Packages large jar

A fresh powder scent with zest and a touch of spice.


1 x Whiskers on Kittens large jar

A sweet scent with a gentle nuzzle of sandalwood

and vanilla musk.


1 x Warm Woollen Mittens large jar

Just cleaned and warmed by the stove, a cozy

scent with notes of lemon, apple, lily and musk.



2nd Drop

1 x Moon on Their Wings large jar

The warm glow of night air, a tranquil blend of bergamot

pepper, dray sage and a touch of cedar.


1 x Raindrops on Roses large jar

Sheer beauty the pure, natural perfume of rich velvety

rose petals showered with dew.


1 x Cream Colored Ponies large jar

Delicious sugar cookie dreams ride on the scent of

creamy, buttery-rich vanilla icing.



3rd Drop

1 x Bright Copper Kettles large jar

Whistling warming spices aglow, including cinnamon

bark, clove buds, allspice and nutmeg.


1 x Crisp Apple Strudel large jar

An Austrian favorite, golden and sugared on the outside,

tart apples and brown sugar on the inside.


1 x Blue Satin Sashes large jar

Elegantly pretty, lovely lavender and rosemary with notes of citrus, jasmine and soft woods.

2017-10-06 10_01_18-QVC UK _ Watch Live Stream _ QVCUK.com QVC UK  Watch Live Stream  QVCUK qvc 2017-08-16 18_20_03-Yankee Candle Coastal Living Small Beach House Lantern & Large Jar - QVC UK 20370442_10159118576225416_30383369_n 2017-10-28 10_00_49-QVC UK _ Watch Live Stream _ QVCUK.com 2017-08-21 08_29_26-Yankee Candle Fall in Love Mulberry & Fig Delight Large Jar with Shade & Tray - Untitled 2 gold
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Yankee Candle's next 'live' show times on QVCUK


January 2018


Friday 19th January: 12pm, 10pm


QVC_logo_2015 2017-09-25 18_39_29-Yankee Candle Set of 3 Festive

The UK's best tv shopping channel offers great yankee candle products,

shows are presented by 3 Yankee Candle brand ambassadors Rosa, Michaela and Cait.

monday 9th january | today's special value


midnight, 8am, 9am, 1pm, 7pm, 10pm

price:£38.92 auto delivery available


single/1st drop:

cherry blossom

an enchanting armful of spring's freshest blooms that turns any room pink and happy.

wild mint

just picked fresh wild mint leaves, fresh, crisp, cool and bracing.

linden tree

fresh blooming linden enjoyed through the green leafy sunlight on a quiet day.

plus an illumalid

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2nd drop: (Due in April)

island waterfall

a cooling mist of tropical waters, tinged with freesia and water lily.

coconut beach

a taste of the tropics with warm coconut blended with pineapple and tahitian vanilla.

hibiscus water

a rich, tropical mix of cool lagoon water and fully open hibiscus. relax and listen for the surf breaking on island shores.

3rd drop: (Due in July)

moonbeams on pumpkins

see pumpkin in a whole new light and colour - with warm vanilla and just a sprinkle of nutmeg.

honeycrisp apple cider

a scent that revives and relaxes. fresh honeycrisp cider warming up a glass.

autumn dusk

explore a dark, autumn forest of mysterious wood notes and smoky spice

4th drop: (Due in October, earlier than the original November quoted by QVCuk)

balsam & clove

clove and a pinch of cinnamon make the clean scent of balsam altogether new.

cool christmas mint

a holiday refresher - mint gets refined with lime and just a dash of sweet.

sugar cookie martini

the sugar cookie is all grown up - a refined interpretation with fresh ginger and chilled vodka.

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wednesday 15th february | today's special value | USA Mediterranean Dreams Large Jars

qvc shows at midnight, 7am, 4pm, 7pm, 10pm

auto delivery available

tsv_logo_desktop FragBanner_HoneyLavenderGelato QVC yankee candle tsv feb 15th wa cut logo

single/1st drop: 706947


honey lavender galato

A refreshing lavender treat that's bursting with flavor and topped with cool berry and warm honey.

Fragrance Notes:

Top: Blackberry Mid: Lavender Base: Vanilla Cream, Honey


mediterranean breeze

Feel the warm, salt air of the Mediterranean - a seaside mix of soft citrus blossoms and amber.

Fragrance Notes:

Top: Airy Ozone, Blue Surf Accord Mid: Citrus Blossoms

Base: Amber Crystals, Oakmoss, Driftwood


cafe al fresco

The warm air of a bustling outdoor café kissed with sweet notes of cinnamon, coffee and a dash of caramel.

Fragrance Notes:

Top: Cinnamon Sprinkle, Coffee Mid: Cappuccino, Frothy Milk Base: Crystallized Sugar, Caramel Drizzle


2nd drop/auto delivery: 707134

USA Gardener's Favourite Flowers



The scent of beautiful flowers with green notes and hints of hyacinth, lilac and vanilla.



Naturally clean and bright, it captures the essence of a dewy spring morning.


sweet honeysuckle

A hummingbird's delight, the beautifully enticing spring aroma of golden honeysuckle nectar.

yankee candle qvc feb 15th tsv single drop

friday 17th march | today's special value | coastal living large jars TSV

qvc shows at midnight, 8am, 4pm, 7pm,10pm

auto delivery available

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single/1st drop: 


sea air

the refreshing air at the water's edge, laced with sea salt cyclamen and rose.

garden by the sea

a delicate floral scent, with oceanside blooms and bright bundles of sea thrift. 

coastal living

an intriguing mix of salty and sweet, coastal flowers carried on a warm ocean breeze.

2nd drop: (Due in May)


viva havana

a complex blend of sandalwood, spices and vanilla.

cuban mojito

a chilled mix of mint and lime.

delicious guava

the delicious, juicy ripe taste of ripe guava filled with tropical delight.

3rd drop: (Due in August)


vibrant saffron

sumptuous notes of calming sandalwood and exotic patchouli

mulberry & fig delight

a tempting bowl of fruit with juicy mulberries and fresh figs

autumn glow

earthy leaves swirled with golden sunlight and woody patchouli

4th drop: (Due in October)


crackling wood fire

a warm, cedarwood fire with a touch of nutmeg and warm amber.

the perfect tree

balsam and fir with snowy branches.

christmas magic

balsam and pine with hints of birch and eucalyptus.


Tuesday 16th May | Today's Special Value 

Midnight, 8am, 4pm, 7pm, 9pm | with Rosa & Michaela

Item: 706191 available on 2 easy pays


Etched electric melt warmer - in Gold or Rose Gold-tone finish

with a selection of wax melts, featuring USA fragrances.


2 x Cafe Al Fresco 22g wax melts

2 x Coconut Beach 22g wax melts

2 x Flowers in the Sun 22g wax melts

2 x Hibiscus Water 22g wax melts

2 x Honey Lavender Gelato 22g wax melts

2 x Island Waterfall 22g wax melts

2 x Mediterranean Breeze 22g wax melts

2 x Serengeti Sunset 22g wax melts

2 x Tuscan Vineyard 22g wax melts


qvc tv

Sunday 30th July | 'Scents of Summer' Today's Special Value 

Midnight, 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 7pm, 10pm

Item: 707500 Price: £39.96 + P&P


These bundles are perfect for bringing the Scents of Summer to your home,  5 fragrances to choose from:


Black Coconut

Clean Cotton

Lemon Lavender

Pink Sands

Red Raspberry


1xLarge Jar, 1xSmall Jar, 3xVotives, 2xScentbeads, 1xScent Plug, 1xPack Refills.



tsv_logo_desktop qvc-background-july-17 wa cut logo wa cut logo tsv_logo_desktop wa cut logo 2nd drop 3rd wa cut logo wa cut logo wa cut logo

Available now from QVCuk


Yankee Candle Set of 3 USA Happy Holidays Large Jars


Fill your home with the tantalising scents of Cranberry Peppermint, Holiday Sage and Maple

Pancakes with this delicious trio.


Set Contains:

1 x Cranberry Peppermint large jar candle (623g) - a sweet, alluring scent of cranberries and peppermint stick candy

1 x Holiday Sage large jar candle (623g) - a fresh blend of juniper, sage and evergreen with a hint of spice

1 x Maple Pancakes large jar candle (623g) - a pure, buttery sweet maple aroma that warms the heart and soul


wa cut logo 2017-10-06 09_49_03-yankee candle Search Results -

Wednesday 18th October | Scents Of The Season Yankee Candle Today's Special Value

12am, 9am, 1pm, 4pm, 10pm

Single Item: 707852 Price: £34.98 Auto Delivery: 708106


Set of 10 small Yankee Candle jars.


Single Drop/First Drop

The Perfect Tree

Spiced White Cocoa

Crackling Firewood

Snowflake Cookie

Berry Trifle

Christmas Magic

Macaron Treats

All Is Bright

Winter Glow

Red Apple Wreath



tsv_logo_desktop yankee candle tsv october 2018 wax adddicts wa cut logo

Second Drop


Coconut Splash

Sunset Breeze

Tropical Jungle

Cuban Mojito

Misty Mountains

Delicious Guava

Dreamy Summer Nights

Moroccan Argon Oil

Warm Desert Wind

Vibrant Saffron



Third Drop



Shea Butter

Rainbow Cookie

Flowers in The Sun

Pink Sands

Sun-Drenched Apricot Rose

Sweet Nothings

Warm Cashmere

A Calm & Quiet Place




Forth Drop


Angel Wings

Soft Blanket

Mulberry & Fig Delight

Ebony & Oak

Midnight Jasmine

Black Cherry

Black Coconut

Mandarin Cranberry

Autumn Glow

Autumn Night

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Monday 11th December | Yankee Candle Today's Special Value

12am, 8am, 1pm, 4pm, 6pm, 10pm

blue wa cropped blue wa cropped blue wa cropped 2017-11-15 08_50_32-Yankee Candle — Home & Ki 2017-11-15 08_51_04-Yankee Candle — Home & Kitchen - QVC UK

2 Large Jars

1 Medium Jar

1 Small Jar

2 Boxes of T-lights


Fragrance choices available:


Midnight Jasmine

A seductively lush perfume of water jasmine, sweet honeysuckle, neroli, and mandarin blossom


Clean Cotton

Sun-dried cotton combined with green notes, white flowers and a hint of lemon


Black Cherry

Deliciously sweet rich, ripe black cherries



The rich scent of spring's most coveted bloom; the peony entices with notes of bright sweetness


Lemon Lavender

A clean and inviting fragrance comprising a powdery, fresh blend of tangy lemon citrus and sweet lavender flowers  


Red Apple Wreath

A comforting, festive aroma of sweet apples, cinnamon, walnuts and maple


Cinnamon Stick

Sweet cinnamon bundled with fragrant cloves


Vanilla Lime

A smooth and refreshing blend of creamy and rich vanilla with sweet cane sugar, finished with a zesty lime twist


Vanilla Cupcake

The rich, creamy aroma of vanilla cupcakes with hints of lemon and lots of buttery icing

24300946_373893626372132_7985342568187870775_n 2017-12-08 10_30_50-Yankee Candle 28 Piece Your Fa

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