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Citrus Tango



Time to tango! This lively, playful melody of sunny orange, lemon zest, and grapefruit will help you shake off the winter blues and have you dancing under sun-filled skies and swaying palms. Just the thing to start you daydreaming of exotic destinations and warmer days to come.


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Under The Palms



Imagine yourself in a hammock or stretched out on an oversized beach towel. Palm trees swaying gently above you, providing a relaxing respite from the sun. The sky the most beautiful shade of blue. This fragrance is like that cool, refreshing shade . . . a lush, green scent of sea grass, palm leaves, and island coconut.




Lovely Kiku



The flower of happiness … the elegant, rejuvenating perfume of chrysanthemum blossom and warm vanilla.



pink habiscus

Pink Hibiscus



Bright and beautiful the effervescent, slightly citrus bouquet of delicate tropical hibiscus petals is always inviting.




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Champaca Blossom



The rare beauty and joyful spirit of enchanting champaca blossoms come to life in this captivating fruity floral nectar.




champacablossomwaxtart-500x500 midnight_oasis_large_jar-500x500

Midnight Oasis



Across quiet sands, a midnight breeze mixes with island citrus and warm sandalwood.



UK 2014 Release Info

PinkHibiscusSampler ChampacaBlossomSampler LovelyKikuWaxTart newmd

Yankee Candle Floral 9 wax melt spring gift set.



Exclusive to Yankee Candle, a great gift set for 2014.


This set includes the following scents: French Lavender, Champaca Blossom, Loves me Loves Me Not, Lovely Kiku, Beach Flowers, Midnight Jasmine, A Child's Wish, Fresh Cut Roses and Pink Hibiscus.




2014 Spring Limited UK Releases





Naturally clean and bright, It captures the essence of a dewy spring morning.


Black Plum Blossom


The deliciously enticing nectar of beautiful black plum blossoms with hints of white musk and vanilla.




Orange Splash


Like a burst of golden sunshine ... the bright, sparkling aroma of juicy, just-picked oranges.





Sweet Apple


The sugary sweet crispness of a perfectly

ripe apple fresh from the orchard..



Dream Garden Collection

Blue Lavender


Blissful fantasies take flight on butterfly wings with the enchanting bouquet of fresh lavender sage.



1293384 1293389 1293386

Garden Time


Time to slip away for tea and aydreams surrounded by the inviting scents of fresh garden herbs.



1293396 1293400 1293402

Sweet Pink


Escape to a magical place where romantic hopes bloom in the joyful blend of sweet floral nectars.



1293403 1293405 1293404

2014 Spring Giftsets

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White Chocolate Bunnies & Bunny Cake



White Chocolate Bunnies: Creamy, sweet white chocolate with a touch of vanilla.


Bunny Cake: A delicious way to hop into spring, a sweet treat of sugary coconut, creamy vanilla and bright citrus


SS14_YCI_Blooms_gift_set_5_votive SS14_YCI_Blooms_9_melts_gift_set 4083948_assocImage_2 Untitled 1 Untitled 2 1304344e 1304315e 1304330e bpb os sa

Summer gifts available in the UK 


Yankee Candle Summertime Tea Light Gift Set


This cute Yankee Candle Tea Light Gift Set is summer all wrapped up! Vintage candy stripes and mouth-watering fragrances are reminiscent of happy beach holidays, making this the perfect gift or a treat for yourself!


This Yankee Candle Gift Set includes 12 Tea Light candles in 3 summer-licious fragrances and 2 glass holders:


4 x Summer Scoop tea lights, 4 x Vanilla Cupcake tea lights, 4 x Beach Flowers tea lights

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3D Advent Calendar House


Following on from the success of last year’s best-selling sensation, the Yankee Candle Fragranced Advent Calendar, the brand has introduced the Advent Calendar House.


The stand-alone 3D Advent Calendar House reveals a new festive tea light behind each door with an extra special Sampler votive for Christmas Eve.


Alongside favourite fragrances such as Spiced Orange and Christmas Cookie, plus the new scents of the Christmas Past collection, Christmas Garland and Candy Cane Lane.




Advent Calendar


Fans of the original Yankee Candle Advent Calendar can now discover a new Christmas Present design, which adds a touch of decorative fun to the big countdown.


Featuring a refreshing new colourway, each door reveals a selection of best-selling and new fragrances.


Snow Globe Collection


The Snow Globe collection combines original accessories with three delightful new fragrances, creating a collectable range perfect for celebrating, decorating and gifting.


Three new fragrances join the collection:


Magical Frosted Forest

An enchanted place where icy breezes playfully dance through tall, snow-coated pines.


Sugary Sweet Snowfall

A winter wonder as fluffy marshmallows fall from a creamy vanilla sky.


Santa’s Candy Castle

A palace made of fruity gumdrops where dreams come true for kids of all ages.



All available in the three classic candle forms of a large jar candle, large two-wick tumbler

and a regular tumbler candle.

Buy Yankee Candle Summertime Tea Light Gift Set - Boots - Google Chrome_2014-06-27_20-28-09

Yankee Candle Summertime Melt Warmer Gift Set



This Yankee Candle gift set is summer all wrapped up! Featuring a stylish ceramic melt warmer, 3 Wax Melts in mouth-watering fragrances, and an unscented tea light, this is the perfect introduction to using Wax Melts.


Buy Yankee Candle Summertime Melt Warmer Gift Set - Boots - Google Chrome_2014-06-27_20-44-05

Yankee Candle Summertime Votive Gift Set



This collection of Yankee Candle Votives is summer all wrapped up! Vintage candy stripes and mouth-watering fragrances are reminiscent of happy beach holidays, making this the perfect gift or a treat for yourself!


Buy Yankee Candle Summertime Votive Gift Set - Hom

Yankee Candle UK 2014 Limited Edition Fragrances


August/September 2014: Chocolate Layer Cake 

The scrumptious layering of cocoa and chocolate mouse is pure decadence.


September/October 2014: Happy Halloween 

Scarily good, a hauntingly purr-fect potion of black liquorice spiced with anise and cloves.


September/October2014 : Winter Garden  

Quietly captivating, the refreshing scent of lush evergreen branches captured in icy splendour.



Yankee Candle Indian Summer Votive Gift Set


Bring some warm scents to your home with these fragrant candles from Yankee Candle.


The gift box contains five sampler candles with the following fragrances:


Ginger Dusk, Lake Sunset, Amber Moon, Honey Glow and Wild Fig


These Samplers Votive candles have a burn time of up to 15 hours and are perfect for fragrance layering, as well as sampling new scents. A fabulous gift for a friend or a treat for yourself.


Perfect for use all around the home and garden, these make a fabulous gift for any candle lover, or a wonderful treat for yourself.

Indian Summer Five Sampler Gift Set  TemptationGif 41vVkRyuDCL 8778a8581ea512f0af12091af8285e22 1333403 (1)

Indian Summer Range



Wild Fig

A luxurious indulgent and lusciously rich, fruity aroma of wild figs carefully picked at the peak of perfection. 



Honey Glow

A sweet perfume which creates an invitingly warm, peaceful mood



Amber Moon

An enchanting allure of warm golden amber in the evening breeze with the added intrigue of patchouli and sandalwood.



Ginger Dusk

The brisk feeling of twilight air, brought to life with the energy of sharp, bracing spice and

a hint of sweet citrus.


1310336 yankeecandleghostlytreats 1310338

Halloween 2014



Witches Brew

Perfectly bewitching for Halloween, the spicy sweet aroma of exotic patchouli casts a captivating spell anytime of year. Always mysterious and endlessly earthy, patchouli has a centuries-old history as a scent that is simultaneously relaxing, uplifting, and soothing. All of which makes this natural fragrance, which Napoleon first brought from the Egypt to France, an ideal ingredient for a spellbinding brew.









Candy Corn

The familiar, sweet scent of candy corn is a fond reminder of childhood Halloween fun. Those triangular shapes of orange, yellow and white have satisfied the sweet tooth of generations of trick-or-treaters with its creamy vanilla taste. That sweet vanilla fragrance is captured affectionately in this richly colored candle.










Ghostly Treats

The scent of gooey toasted marshmallows creates a haunting

reminder of sharing spooky tales around a Halloween bonfire

Halloween Candles  Halloween Candle Collection - Y 1310332 Halloween Candles  Halloween Candle Collection - Y 1310334 - Windows Photo Viewer_2014-08-02_12-14-10 1310328 Halloween Candles  Halloween Candle Collection - Y Halloween Candles  Halloween Candle Collection - Y Halloween Candles  Halloween Candle Collection - Y 1310335 - Windows Photo Viewer_2014-08-02_12-13-53 Exhibitors List - Google Chrome_2014-06-10_17-45-58 Exhibitors List - Google Chrome_2014-06-10_17-45-32

Winter 2014



Icicles: The crisp, winter forest scent of ice covered pine branches with tingly notes of spicy cinnamon.



Angel's Wings: Spirits rise on this beautiful airy aroma of joyfully sweet spun sugar, heavenly sheer flower petals and divinely smooth vanilla.



Candy Cane Lane: A favourite Christmas place where delicious dreams are made with tingly peppermint, sweet cookies and creamy vanilla icing.



Christmas Garland: The season comes to life in this lush aroma of fresh-cut pine boughs and zesty cranberries.




Plus a variety of stunning festive Gift Sets.



1331228 1331226 1331227

Yankee Candle Candy Shop

12 Votive Set:


Contains 2 samplers of the following fragrances;


Sugared Apple

Candy Cane Lane

Christmas Cookie

Christmas Eve

Snowflake Cookie  

Spiced Orange

Yankee Candle Peppermint Swirls

Medium Jar Gift Set


Perfect for gifting! This Clintons exclusive Yankee Candle Christmas Gift Set contains 1 classic medium jar candle - presented in this stylish Yankee Candle Candy Shop branded gift box.



Contains the delicious Peppermint Swirls fragrance.

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Yankee Candle Winter Wonderland 2014 12 Votive Set:


Contains 1 votive each of the following fragrances;


ICICLES (new for 2014)


CANDY CANE LANE (new for 2014)










Yankee Candle Christmas Present Advent Calender Te Yankee Candle Christmas Past Advent Calender House Yankee Candle Christmas Present Medium Jar Gift Se Yankee Candle 3 Small Jars Christmas Gift Set  ver

Boots Gift sets, Festive Jar Sleeves & Candle Holders

Buy Yankee Candle Medium Jar Gift  Gift - Boots - Buy Yankee Candle 2 Long Stem Votives  Gift - Boots - Google Chrome_2014-10-08_21-17-20 Buy Yankee Candle 6 Christmas Votive Collection  Gift - Boots - Google Chrome_2014-10-08_21-18-06 Search results - Google Chrome_2014-10-08_21-21-13 Search results - Google Chrome_2014-10-08_21-21-03 Boots-Main-Logo Buy Yankee Candle 2 Small Jar Gift Collection  Gift - Boots - Google Chrome_2014-10-08_21-24-31 Search results - Google Chrome_2014-10-08_21-25-11 Search results - Google Chrome_2014-10-08_21-25-33 clintons_logo

Available in Clintons Stores







Yankee Candle Candy Shop 6 Votive Set:


Contains 2 samplers of the following fragrances;


Sugared Apple

Candy Cane Lane