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USA Spring Simply Home 2015

USA Yankee Candle Spring 2015


White Chocolate Apple

The incredible blend of two delicious treats . . . a juicy, just-picked apple with a crisp coating of luscious white chocolate.


fairy garden

Fairy Garden

Delightfully charming. . . the enchanting scent of a perfectly tended garden of mixed blooms.


Beach Holiday

Like a vacation by the shore anytime . . . the clean, fresh scent of ocean air is so real you can practically feel the salt spray.


Cotton Candy

The scent of this boardwalk favorite is perfectly captured in all its pure, sticky sweet delight.

Salt Water Taffy

A seaside tradition . . . all your favorite fruit flavors and creamy vanilla all rolled into one.

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USA 2015 Returning Favorites

1173593 1129574 1085198 1020668 115503 1029783 35942 1068463 1041650

USA 2015 Girl Scout Cookies Collection

1325185 1325187 1327004 1325182 1325184 1327003

Thin Mints


So mouthwateringly real. . . the delicious scent of rich chocolate and cool, tingly mint.

1325159 1325167 1327002



Absolutely nothing compares to the irresistible aroma of buttery, just-baked cookies.

1325179 1325181 1327001

USA 2015 Boxed Tumblers

1300071 1300067 1300068

Lacquer Red


Passion awakens in this enticing potion of fresh, warm spices, irresistible red rose and a touch of soft leather.




Dancing in the dark . . . there's a captivating rhythm in this breath of crisp air, spicy rosemary and haunting sea musk.

Black Satin


Silk dreams . . . temptation beckons in the lure of tingling clove bud, rich nutmeg and aromatic sandalwood.

Kiss & Make Up


All is forgiven as this blend of tangy lemon sugar, delicate apple blossom and sheer musk stirs the heart.


Pillow Talk


Secret fantasies . . . sweet mandarin, alluring pink jasmine and smooth amber silk offer a seductive promise.

Suede Noir


In the heat of the night, the sultry mix of luxurious suede, smoked incense and mysterious patchouli lures the soul.

1300069 1335899 1335924

Open Air


A clean, airy scent that weaves a sense of open spaces, where

herbal lavender mingles with woody cedar and watery freshness.


Tea Time


A twist of orange, a hint of lemon, and the refreshing scent of green tea steeping to perfection - relaxing!

USA 2015 Picnic in the Park Limited Edition


USA 2015 St.Patrick's Day Treasure's

115216 1329757 1329742

Irish Cream


Warm and buttery with sweet notes of vanilla and cream, this is a rich and frothy combination waiting to be savored slowly. A St. Patrick's Day Treasure!

Lucky Shamrock 2015


A touch of the EmeraldIsle. . . the fresh scent of lush, green hills kissed by a sparkle of sunshine.

Irish Trio


Celebrate St Patrick's Day with this trio of Fresh Mint, Sugared Apple, and Fruit Fusion.

USA Spring Sampler Gift Set


Boxed Set includes Sampler votive Candles one each of the 5 NEW Spring Fragrances:


Blue Summer Sky

Peach Cobbler

Picnic in the Park

Red Raspberry

Wild Sea Grass


Beach Lover's Maritime

Gift Basket


Featuring Sun & Sand and Beach Walk, this reusable, woven nautical-inspired basket makes a perfect gift.

1312927 1342392


Fresh air and a touch of tangy citrus blend with sea spray and a hint of lily. The result takes you to the shore on a bright day with a wind gently ruffling your hair.

USA 2015 Easter Available in the US from March 2nd

Easter 2015 Preview - Yankee Candle Company  Yanke



Wouldn't it be grand if every day was as sunny and fun as a picnic in the park? Imagine being stretched out on a soft blanket under a shade tree, while hints of your favorite fruits. . . mango, coconut and strawberry. . . float in on the breeze like an afternoon daydream. A refreshing delight, this fragrance will give any room a sunny outlook.



Kick off your shoes, feel the sand between your toes, and breathe in the green scent of dewy sea grass atop the sand dunes. Kissed by the ocean breeze and enhanced with a sliver of mint, this fragrance is as fresh as a morning walk on the windswept beaches of Cape Cod or the Outer Banks.



Tangy sweet and full of nature's goodness, there is nothing quite as delicious as ripe, rosy red raspberries. Always a welcome addition when they are in season, this delightful fragrance lets you enjoy this blissful fruit's freshly-picked aroma, with just a hint of sweetness, any time of year.



Always the perfect ending to a summer meal, homemade peach cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream captures the essence of the season. This fragrance will bring to mind fresh-picked peaches from the farmer's market, perfectly baked with cinnamon, nutmeg and honey sugar, and generously served with a scoop of your favorite vanilla ice cream.



Let the sunshine in. Nothing seems as perfect as a big, bright and beautiful blue sky on a summer afternoon. The air always seems cleaner; the earth more fragrant. This bright fragrance captures all the glory of a heavenly summer day with the crisp, clean scent of summer berries and fresh ginger, enhanced with notes of jasmine, orange blossom and blue lotus.



Life is good with this happily enchanting mix of sunny fruits, pretty flowers and spicy herbs.



A sweet and tart medley of fresh berries with notes of pomegranate, cassis, peach and vanilla bean.



Juicy mix of sweet berries and sunny tangerines laced with tangy cranberry and spicy fresh ginger.



From Grandma's country kitchen, the welcoming aroma of blueberries bursting with flavor.



Enjoy the warm, toasty aroma of sweet cinnamon and sugar. The delectable combination evokes wonderful memories of cozy mornings in the kitchen and the comforts of home.



A zesty scent of mandarin and exotic spice stirs the senses with the exciting feeling of faraway places.



Delicious cookie dreams with the scent of creamy, buttery-rich vanilla icing.



Like a fresh, floral breath of spring air through an open window on a sunny day.



The luxury of fresh milled soaps infused with peony, tuberose, and lemon.

Coconut Caramel Stripes


Almost good enough to eat. . . a tantalizing fragrance of sugary caramel, warm chocolate and fresh coconut.

Chocolate Peanut Butter


Everyone's favorite. . . a creamy combination of sweet chocolate and roasted peanuts tickles the nose.

Almond & Cherry


The soft, sweet scent of almond blossoms layered on the fruity bite of fresh crushed cherries.

USA 2015 Gift Sets

USA 2015 Fall Preview Part 1


Berry Lime Spritzer


A refreshing mix of raspberry and strawberry with a bright swirl of citrus. So sparkling and zesty, it's a reminder of what gets served in a tall flute on a bright summer's day.


Summer Blooms


Like a basket full of daisies and sunflowers just out of the garden, this scent is crisp and leafy and in full bloom.


Out To Sea


A fresh scent of clear skies and salt air, with a dash of orange - you can almost hear the canvas snapping to the breeze.

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USA 2015 Celebration Collection


USA 2015 Y Porcelain Tumbler Collection


Hand-poured into a hand-blown tumbler, each Y.Collection candle is crafted with quick-melting wax to release its rich, luxurious fragrance with the strike of a match. Each scent is composed from an eclectic mix of raw materials to infuse your home with a complex and intriguing fragrance.This is the premiere edition of a very special line of ultra-premium candles.




Orange Blossom, White Jasmine, Cedarwood, Musk

Addison Porcelain Tumbler  Y cooltext1934208862 alexis Alexis Porcelain Tumbler  Y



Rose, Violet, Sandalwood, Musk

cooltext1934208862 brooke Brooke Porcelain Tumbler  Y cooltext1934208862



Ylang Ylang, Juniper, Patchouli, Musk

1341617 Charlotte Porcelain Tumbler  Y



Mandarin, Pear Blossom, Vanilla, Sandalwood

emilia Emilia Porcelain Tumbler  Y



Black Peppercorn, Night Blooming Jasmine,

Dark Woods, Patchouli

cooltext1934208862 cooltext1934208862 katherine Katherine Porcelain Tumbler  Y



Blue Freesia, Rose de Mai, Lily of the Valley, Musk

Naomi Porcelain Tumbler  Y



Pepper, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Amber

cooltext1934208862 cooltext1934208862



Pepper, Bergamot, Amber, Vetiver  

penelope cooltext1934208862

USA 2015 Y Quatrefoil Tins Collection


Indulge in the luxurious. Inspired by the world's finest perfumes, these new ultra-premium fragrances are crafted from an eclectic mix of natural ingredients then hand-poured into quatrefoil -shaped tins.


USA 2015 Simply Home Spring Limited Editions


2037639 cooltext1934208862

USA 2015 Home Classics Range (Available in the USA from Target Stores)

Indigo Flower Coral Shores cooltext1934208862 Harbor Breeze Happy Spring Lemon Cupcake Sun Tea Blackberry Cream Berry Tart Sugared Peach White Sands

USA 2015 New Limited Summer Range (Available in the USA from Outlet Stores)

$_57 (4) $_57 (3) $_57 (2)

USA 2015 New Classic Range (Available in the USA from Outlet Stores)

$_57 (12) $_57 $_57 (5) $_57 (8) $_57 (1) $_57 (6) $_57 (10) $_57 (7)

USA 2015 Homefront Girl Range (Available from the US website)

1336522 1336525 1336523 1336524 1336526 1336527 1336531 1336528 1336530

Gratitude Never Out of Style (Watermelon Splash) 


This cool Independence Day favorite is a reminder of bold American spirit.

Give Thanks for Heroes that Never Stop Giving (Fair Winds)


A wish for your loved one's safe journey is reflected in the refreshing scent of a gentle sea breeze.

Support Our Troops

(Hidden Leaves)


The scent of flowers and sunshine recalls a secret garden of the heart where fond memories of your hero bloom.

Not for Glory Always for Country (Break of Day)


Bright and fresh, like morning dew, it's like the new hope each day brings.

Love My Hero

(Coconut Kisses)


Warm and sweet, this delicious blend of coconut and caramel is a hint of what awaits when your hero comes home.



This evocative mix of juniper and patchouli creates a woodsy, masculine fragrance. Our exclusive Barbershop Collection candle, perfect for Father's Day, features an opaque black glass jar, matte finish silver tone top, and grayed blue wax.



Unexpectedly sophisticated, this blend of eucalyptus, lavender and amber offers a modern twist on a classic tradition. Our exclusive Barbershop Collection candle, perfect for Father's Day, features an opaque black glass jar, matte finish silver tone top, and leather brown wax.



Notes of cardamom, incense and cedarwood create a coolly polished, contemporary scent. Our exclusive Barbershop Collection candle, perfect for Father's Day, features an opaque black glass jar, matte finish silver tone top, and blued gray wax.

Hair Tonic


Smooth and fresh with a splash of citrus, coconut water and sandalwood. Our exclusive Barbershop Collection candle, perfect for Father's Day, features an opaque black glass jar, matte finish silver tone top, and grayed green wax.

Hot Towel


This pleasantly soothing combination of sea salt breeze and white woods is a refreshing indulgence. Our exclusive Barbershop Collection candle, perfect for Father's Day, features an opaque black glass jar, matte finish silver tone top, and linen white wax.

USA 2015 Barber Shop Collection


USA 2015 Semi Annual Sale Special Releases | Home Classics


USA customers are treated to rare and hard to find fragrances during the semi annual sales, The Yankee Candle Home Classics range in melt form have been added online, Here we've added pics and you can find full fragrance descriptions on our scent list pages.

USA 2015 Simply Home 2015 Fall Collection.


USA customers can now buy these 3 new fall fragrances in usual outlets.

Across The Pond


Take a walk through a forest path on a crisp afternoon with this Yankee Candle simply home across the pond fragrance.

Auburn Leaves


Blending cinnamon stick, apple and clove, this Yankee Candle simply home auburn leaves fragrance smells like a walk through fallen leaves.

Pumpkin Cheesecake


Rich pumpkin cheesecake on a thick graham cracker crust blends for the perfect scent in this Yankee Candle simply home fragrance.

2201222 1342513

USA 2015 Boardwalk Limited Edition Collection

Autumn In The Park (New Fragrance for 2015)

The scent of fresh peeled apple and the crispness of fallen leaves with an added dash of lemon zest and a hint of pumpkin to capture an afternoon on a gorgeous autumn walk.

Crisp Morning Air (New Fragrance for 2015)

With the crisp scents of eucalyptus and mint layered beneath soft pear and sage.

Lush Berries (New Fragrance for 2015)

A basket of just-picked berries, sweet and juicy and

full with harvest sunshine, savor the freshness.

Sugar & Spice (New Fragrance for 2015)

A mouthwatering swirl of cinnamon, buttery vanilla, and sugar crystals all baking together,guaranteed to fill your home with smiles.

Brandy Pear Tart (New Fragrance for 2015)

The rich scent of baked pear in a sugary confection

with a hint of brandy--a delicious reminder of your favorite café pastries.

Cranberry Twist (New Fragrance for 2015)

A medley of sharp berries, a hint of citrus zest, and a dash of fresh ginger make a refreshing concoction.

Vanilla Bourbon (New Fragrance for 2015)

A traditional warm-me-up on a cold winter's day--a mug full of something steaming topped with a layer of thick vanilla cream and laced with a dash of strong bourbon.

USA 2015 Fall Preview Part 2

USA Halloween Accessories 2015


USA SoHo Collection 2015


A great selection of fragrances available in 2 wick tumblers available in the USA.


USA Photo Label Collection 2015


A great selection of regular fragrances repackaged with different labels and names, these can be found in USA Outlets, Marshalls and TJ Maxx stores.

Alpine Chalet

Just like a breath of clear mountain air with a mug of hot,

spiced tea steaming in your hand.

Black Plum & Fig

An exotic blend of plum and fig with notes of citrus

that make it sparkle.


A beguiling mix of citrus and melon, jasmine

and vanilla, all wrapped in soft amber.

USA Pure Radiance Crackling Vase


3 new winter fragrances added to the USA collection.

Pumpkin Chai


Add a cozy touch to your home with this relaxing brew of pumpkin, cinnamon stick and spices.

USA 2015 Festive releases



We've reimagined the beauty of the classic holiday

bloom with touches of sweet winter spices.

Feliz Navidad

A cheerful Latin celebration of buttery cream, raisins,

wild currants, nutmeg, ginger and cardamom.

USA 2015 Fall Specials


Pumpkin Donut

Sumptuous blend of pumpkin, butter squash & spices including cinnamon, cardamom & ginger finished with hints of creamy vanilla & hazelnut.

Banana Nut

Sit back and enjoy this tasty pairing of toasted

walnuts and just-peeled bananas.

Amber Gold

Evening in paradise . . . a warm, relaxing island cocktail of exotic spices and flowers

Baking In The Kitchen

Like sunshine on a country morning, this pure, buttery sweet maple aroma warms the heart and soul.

Harvest Pumpkin Wood

The irresistible aroma of fall pumpkins, infused with earthy oakwood, hearty cinnamon bark, and clove, warmly welcomes the season, too. This nature-inspired scent contains apple, resinous spice, and wood notes that play beautifully off the true-to-life pumpkin fragrance.

Amber Leaves

A vibrant medley of birch and maple leaves with pomegranate, juniper berry, and orange blossom.


A smooth blend of comforting spice and the natural goodness of pumpkin has signaled the start of the autumn season in many a home.

Rustic Red

This rustic blend of tart and spice creates an inviting glow

1327402 cooltext1934208862

USA Returning Favorites for Winter 2015


Yankee Candle in the USA are adding what seems to be hundreds of retired fragrances back online, A true Yankee candle fan's dream.

cooltext1934208862 1502274_0 1502274_1

Winter Wonderland Samplers Votive Candles Book Gift Box Volume 2


The classic holiday song Winter Wonderland comes to life in this sure-to-be-cherished gift set, presented in a book that makes a great impression. Includes three Samplers® Votive Candles each of Happy Tonight©, In a Winter Wonderland©, Snow is Glistening© and Dream by the Fire©.

Yankee Candle USA Discount Coupons

Holiday Cocktails Collection

Sparkling Wine

Sparkling refreshment in a crisp and celebratory concoction of tart citrus keenly balanced with sweet currant.

Holiday Sangria

Lose yourself in this party of sweet swirling citrus notes, juicy pineapple and tropical revelers..

cooltext1934208862 yc friends and family coupon