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My Favorite Things Collection (12 Fragrances Released)

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Cream Colored Ponies



Delicious sugar cookie dreams ride on the scent of creamy, buttery-rich vanilla icing.




Whiskers On Kittens



A sweet scent with a gentle nuzzle of sandalwood and vanilla musk.




Warm Woolen Mittens



Just cleaned and warmed by the stove, a cozy scent with notes of lemon, apple, lily and musk.




Bright Copper Kettles



Whistling warming spices aglow, including cinnamon bark, clove buds, allspice and nutmeg.



Blue Satin Sashes


Elegantly pretty, lovely lavender and rosemary with notes of citrus, jasmine and soft woods.





Raindrops On Roses


Sheer beauty the pure, natural perfume of rich velvety rose petals showered with dew.





Moon On Their Wings


The warm glow of night air, a tranquil blend of bergamot pepper, dray sage and a touch of cedar.







Brown Paper Packages


A fresh powder scent with zest and a touch of spice.





Silver White Winters


The crisp, fresh scent of spruce, pine, balsam and cedarwood.


Limited Edition (2800)



Crisp Apple Strudel


An Austrian favorite, golden and sugared on the outside, tart apples and brown sugar on the inside.




My Favorite Things


Sampler votives Book Gift Box - Volume 3



This attractive packaged collection features 12 Samplers votive Candles - three each in Whiskers On Kittens and Cream Colored Ponies, two each of Warm Woolen Mittens, Bright Copper Kettles and Crisp Apple Strudel.

Yankee Candle Do Re Mi

Winter 2015


Limited re-release in the USA of the collection with the addition of new fragrance 'Do Re Mi'.


A bright scent with notes of jasmine, wild berries and cedar wood—up and down the scale, it stays fresh.





Schnitzel With Noodles.


So warm and comforting… the aroma of rich, creamy noodles seasoned with herbs and cracked black peppercorns.


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