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Wax Addicts Yankee Candle News, Information & Reviews

By Wax Addicts, Aug 17 2017 10:14AM

My Favourite Things UK 2017 QVCuk TSV

It's confirmed UK customers will be able to collect the collection via auto delivery starting

on 14th September.

1 x Brown Paper Packages large jar

1 x Whiskers on Kittens large jar

1 x Warm Woollen Mittens large jar

1 x Moon on their Wings large jar

1 x Raindrops on Roses large jar

1 x Cream Colored Ponies large jar

1 x Bright Copper Kettles large jar

1 x Crisp Apple Strudel large jar

1 x Blue Satin Sashes large jar

Just for information this collection is missing 3 fragrances:

Schnitzel With Noodles

Silver White Winters

Do Re Mi

For full TSV information including scent descriptions check our QVC Info page.

By Wax Addicts, Jul 7 2017 05:12AM

It may only be half way through 2017 but Yankee Candle fans do love to know what fragrances to look forward too.

Here are the known fragrances for release in 2018.

Spring 2018

Rainbow Cookie

Sweet Nothings

Sun-Drenched Apricot Rose

A Calm & Quiet Place

Easter 2018

White Chocolate Bunnies (returning)

Sweet Candies

Summer 2018

Coconut Splash

Warm Desert Wind

Tropical Jungle

Misty Mountains

One thing to note is the labels and Yankee Candle logo arn't changing as yet!

What do you think?

More information including fragrance descriptions and notes are available on our dedicated 2018 release page

By Wax Addicts, Jul 4 2017 09:00AM

Yankee Candle in the USA are at it again with making changes to labels, This time Returning Treasures are given a makeover, This will upset many fans who were happy to get hold of the traditional labels having already seen mainstream fragrances change to the slimmer style.

The new larger photo labels have again done away with the fragrance family logo and some jars will have a gold neck collar saying 'Returning Treasure'

What do you think?

Have you spotted a new style returning treasure label? Let us know customerservice@waxaddicts.co.uk

The regular jar labels really have gone through some changes over the years.

By Wax Addicts, Jun 16 2017 11:19AM

Brighton get's it's very own Yankee Candle store which opens Saturday 17th June, You can enjoy lot's of special opening offers including a free Large Jar of Jelly Beans when you spend just £25!

Churchill Square Shopping Centre, Brighton BN1 2TE

Opening Times

Monday 9am - 6pm

Tuesday 9am - 6pm

Wednesday 9am - 6pm

Thursday 9am - 8pm

Friday 9am - 7pm

Saturday 9am - 7pm

Sunday 11am - 5pm

The store has the new style logo and a stunning set up.

Don't forget to download the Brighton Life App to get 20% off full-price fragrances, accessories and gift sets!