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Village Candle UK 2017

Berry Bliss

Passionflower and tart berries blend with lush greens and a light creamy musk to give you a fragrance burst that compliments a warm afternoon.


Ginger Pear Fizz

Energizing ginger compliments citrus and tart pear to revive your senses in this cheerfully fizzy blend of refreshment.


Glacial Spring

Fresh as the air that awakens the spring thaw, this blend of bergamot with florals transports your senses into the spring season of new growth.


Honey Patchouli

A new twist on an earthy favorite, herbal patchouli is blended with fresh honey and a touch of citrus fruits to immerse you in an inner peacefulness.


Sage & Celery

The herbal fragrance of sage freshly cut on a kitchen cutting board mixes with the moist fragrance of celery stalks to relax you in a soothing plant aura.

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Limited Edition 2017


Acai Berry Tobac

A complex fragrance of sweet acai berry with notes of light tobacco and soft musk blend together to create an alluring hint of exotic romance.



Zesty, sweet citron is blended with notes of cilantro leaf and chamomile to awaken your senses and create a fresh spring ambiance.


Coastal Christmas

A superb balance of the seaside wind fused with fresh balsam creates a twist on the classic holiday fragrance.


Forest Hike

A fragrance that adds mystery and intrigue with a woodsy aroma blend of moss, juniper and timber.


Pomegranate Jubilee

Liven up your home with this cheerful blend of fresh pomegranate and ripe rhubarb.


Sea Salt Cucumber

Be refreshed with this invigorating blend of cucumber, agave leaf and sea salt. A fragrance experience that's beautiful in any room in your home.


Secluded Dunes

Journey to the ocean-side sand dunes as you light this candle in your home. Sea spray, hint of lily and sandalwood combine for a lively fragrance blend.



The herbal complexity of ylang and the richness of amber are combined to whisk you away to a place healthful and exotic.



This exotic fragrance combination captures the feeling of a tropical sunrise. Experience a fragrance paradise with this fresh blend of tropical pineapple, dahlia flower and musk.


Urban Nights

This candle's sensual mix of fresh sage, herbal patchouli and light vanilla is reminiscent of unforgettable moments.

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