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Waikiki Melon: Aloha! Wake up to the sunny, sweet glow of exotic, juicy melons with a touch of sweet orange oil.


Warm Autumn Evening: (UK Limited Edition 2017) A relaxing interlude of sugary maple and powdery musk mixed with forest woods - just as the sun sets.

Fragrance Notes:

Top: Maple Sugar, Orange Flower

Mid: Creamy Vanilla

Base: Musk, Cedarwood, Sandalwood


Warm & Happy Home (American Home Collection) Cinnamon and cloves are paired to give every room that feeling of warmth and coziness. It’s a fragrance you’ll want to return to again and again.


Warm Apple Crisp: A welcome-home aroma of baking apples, brown sugar and spices – Comforting


Warm Chestnut: The wonderfully inviting holiday aroma of chestnuts roasted on an open wood fire.


Warm Sand (Mystic Harbor): Unable to locate scent description.


Warm Spice: Deliciously indulgent and creamy, a classic blend of vanilla, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg.


Warm Sugar (Spoonful of Sugar): Enjoy the inviting aroma of creamy smooth caramel, light amber maple, and pralines…. Mmmmm!


Warm Waves: (USA Outlet) Fresh ocean breeze with floral notes and a hint of sea salt.


Warm Woolen Mittens (My Favorite Things Collection): Just cleaned and warmed by the stove . . . a cozy scent with notes of lemon, apple, lily and musk.


Wash Day (Beanswax): Brings a breath of fresh air into any room. This restful soy wax candle captures the fresh, tranquil scent of freshly washed linens, so you can enjoy a sweet smelling home every day.


Water Garden: Soothing reflections. . . pretty water flowers and lush green notes with hints of melon and musk.


Water Lily (Relaxing Rituals): This votive contains water lily essential oil, which generates a sense of spirituality, encouraging deep relaxing breaths.


Waterfall Canyon: The scent of cascading water fills the air with a cool, purifying freshness.


Watermelon: Unable to scent description.


Watermelon Days (Home Classics): A favorite summer memory . . . the wet coolness of refreshing watermelon slices on a lazy, hot afternoon.


Watermelon Splash (Homefront Girl Collection) This cool Independence Day favorite is a reminder of bold American spirit.


Wedding Day: Always in good taste . . . a sophisticated and soothing blend of florals and subtle fruits.


Welcome Christmas: You’ll bring home unforgettable holiday moments time after time with this comforting recipe of spices and sweets right from the heart of the kitchen.


West Virginia University (Collegiate Collection): Home Sweet Home – A heartwarming blend of cinnamon, baking spices, and a hint of freshly poured tea.


What’s My Pine (Beanswax): Unable to locate scent description.


Whiskers On Kittens (My Favorite Things Collection): A sweet scent with a gentle nuzzle of sandlewood and vanilla musk


Whisper (Pure Radiance) : Heavenly sweet and luxurious, this perfume captivates the senses with its quietly enticing beauty.


White Birch: Winter solstice…a snowy, glacial blizzard of fresh mint tops a creamy concoction of sandalwood and cinnamon warmed on a glowing hearth of cypress and birch logs.


White Chocolate Apple: The incredible blend of two delicious treats.. a juicy, just picked apple with a crisp coating of luscious white chocolate.


White Chocolate Bunnies (Limited Edition Easter 2014): Everybody’s hopping with joy for this delicious twist on a classic Easter Basket treat…creamy, sweet white chocolate with a touch of vanilla.


White Chocolate Mint: Melt into pure bliss . . . buttery sweet white chocolate with a hint of vanilla and cool peppermint.


White Christmas: There’s a quiet holiday beauty in this blend of woodsy evergreens and cool, freshly fallen snow.


White Clouds (SoHo Living): So fresh and so clean. Infuse your home with crisp freshness.


White Gardenia: The stunning royal beauty of lush white gardenias in full bloom is a joy to behold and a scent to be savored. This gorgeously authentic heritage floral fragrance remains true to life.


White Jasmine (Simply Home): Unable to locate scent description


White Lace: Unable to locate scent description.


White Lilac (Home Classics): a sensual scent of soft white lilacs


White Linen & Lace: An intoxicating garden of fragrant heirloom roses.


White Sands (Home Classics): Like a quiet stroll on the beach . . . this blend of ocean blossom, silky sand and vanilla sea foam refreshes the spirit.


White Tea (USA Pure Radiance 2016) A subtle and refreshing blend of tea leaves, lemon and warm amber.


White Tea (2016 Pure Essence 2 Collection): A delicate and relaxing scent of white tea with lemon gently swirled inside.


White Zinfandel: Fragrant aromas of a golden, white zin grapes with a flower finish.


Whoopie Pie!: Mmmmm! Creamy vanilla frosting meets moist, rich, chocolate for a treat that is so real you may want to lick your fingers!


Wicked: aka Black Licorice – Offering up a true black licorice fragrance that fills the air with the familiar aroma of those anise-flavored, twisted sticks that have delighted for generations.


Wild Berry (Deck Delights): Unable to locate scent description.


Wild Cherries (Mystic Harbor): Unable to locate scent description.


Wild Cherry: This bold fragrance is bursting with the ripe flavor of plump wild cherries – Stimulating


Wild Fig (UK): A luxurious indulgence. The lusciously rich, fruity aroma of wild figs carefully picked at the peak of perfection.


Wild Flower Meadow (Home Classics): Unable to locate scent description.


Wild Flowers (Mystic Harbor): Unable to locate scent description.


Wild Mint (Spring 2017): Just picked fresh wild mint leaves, fresh,crisp,cool and bracing.

top notes: wild mint leaf, spearmint leaves mid notes: fresh peppermint base notes: musk, sandalwood


Wild Hyacinth: beautiful floral tones evoke a sense of fresh Wild Hyacinth flowers fresh from the fields.


Wild Pansies: Forget the calendar! It’s always spring with this lush scent of brilliantly hued flowers.


Wild Passion Fruit: Bright and vivacious . . . this exotic passion fruit is blended with melon and mandarin.


Wild Peach & Currant: Unable to locate scent description.


Wild Sea Grass: Kick off your shoes, feel the sand between your toes, and breathe in the green scent of dewy sea grass atop the sand dunes. Kissed by the ocean breeze and enhanced with a sliver of mint, this fragrance is as fresh as a morning walk on the windswept beaches of Cape Cod or the Outer Banks.


William & Mary (Collegiate Collection): Balsam & Cedar – A Christmas Favorite. The festive scent of a freshly cut tree, brought home tied with twine to the top of the car, then set in its base to let its fragrant boughs fan out, is a sure sign that the holidays have arrived. This wonderfully nostalgic blend of balsam, aromatic cedar wood, and juniper berry delivers that fresh forest scent and a world of delightful holiday memories.


Willow Breeze: The lush, sweet aroma of green willow and lemon blossom spiced with Spanish moss and sandalwood.


Windblown: Fresh air and a touch of tangy citrus blend with sea spray and a hint of lily. The result takes you to the shore on a bright day with a wind gently ruffling your hair.


Wine Country (American Home Collection) The rich, round scent of ripe purple grapes, full of juice and ready to be crushed for the year’s new vintage.


Winter Air (Home Again): Unable to locate scent description.


Winter Day (Country Kitchen): A playful, invigorating mix of icy peppermint


Winter Garden: Quietly captivating . . . the refreshing scent of lush evergreen branches captured in icy splendor.


Winter Glow: The scent of frosted leaves on snow-covered trees with a strand of evergreens


Winter Laurel:  A crisp, mountain chorus of juniper, spruce and eucalyptus is interspersed with captivating voices of soothing lavender, sweet boysenberries, aromatic cedar wood and vibrant spices.


Winter Lodge (American Home): A scent from deep in the wintry woods…pine and spruce trees layered in snow, the chill air crisp and still.


Winter Morning (Home Inspiration): Like the warm glow of sunrise against a blanket of snow, welcoming a day of exotic excursions and sweet detours.


Winter Pine (Simply Home): Cool crisp air amidst birch, pinecone and fir needles.


Winter Wonderland: So real you can almost hear sleigh bells . . . the tingle of a frosty breeze blowing through icy pines.


Winter Woods (Writing): An invigorating woodsy medley


Winter Woods: (2015 USA Cyber Monday Special) The clean scent of a forest freshly blanketed with snow - cool and crisp with cedar notes.


Winterberries: An icy cool, tingling burst of berry sweetness with a hint of spice.


Winterberry (Country Kitchen): Unable to locate scent description.


Winterland: An enchanted wonderland comes to life in the exhilarating tingle of a frosty mint breeze.


Wish: Unable to locate scent description.


Wisteria: Naturally fresh and soothing… the beautiful perfume of delicate purple blooms


Witches Brew: Perfectly bewitching for Halloween, the spicy sweet aroma of exotic patchouli casts a captivating spell anytime of year. Always mysterious and endlessly earthy, patchouli has a centuries-old

history as a scent that is simultaneously relaxing, uplifting, and soothing. All of which makes this natural fragrance, which Napoleon first brought from the Egypt to France, an ideal ingredient for a spellbinding



Woodland Spring: Unable to locate scent description.

Yankee Candle A-Z Fragrance List & Descriptions