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Steven Corfield was one of Yankee Candle's brand ambassadors on UK shopping channel QVC.


Steven left in March 2017 and he is missed by thousands of viewers who not only loved his natural passion for the brand but

his unique descriptions which made many of us decide to purchase the Yankee Candle products on offer.


We are openly asking for Steven to be brought back to QVCUK, since he left the Yankee Candle shows just don't have the same excitement about them, in fact it

feels like the heart and passion has been taken out of the brand, Bring Steven back and make the thousands of QVC/YankeeCandle customers happy again!

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Steven Corfield always took the time to interact with Yankee Candle customers on social media, Thankfully

he still brings joy to many via his twitter page, Show your support and drop him a tweet.


There is now a petition, please show your support by signing it.

2017-07-28 21_04_09-Petition · QVC_ Let's get S