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The Yankee Candle World Journeys Collection

Canary Island Banana

The lusciously sweet, creamy scent of pure Canary Island banana extract. Situated off the northwest coast of Africa, Spain’s Canary Islands are a tropical eden. Here grows miniature bananas, smaller and sweeter than their Caribbean cousins.





$_57 (9) christmas in paris

Alaskan Lights

A clean scent of icy lavender and musk, as crisp as a night sky rippling with the northern lights.

alaskan lights yankee candle world journey 1284664 yankee-candle-alpine-spruce-large-tumbler

Appalachian Daisy

We've captured a beautiful walk on a warm spring day through a meadow of tall grass with a burst of bright, new blooms. A very fresh, green floral.

appalachian daily world journey yankee candle  126

Australian Eucalyptus

A sun-filled day on far away sands where fragrances of incense and cedar are brightened by a clean and bracing eucalyptus breeze to awaken the senses.


1285467 australian eucalyptus world journeys yanke

Australian Oasis

Escape to the outback !! This lush, mysterious scented candle uses pure natural autrallian sandalwood extract to create a truly captivating fragrance.





$_57 (1)

Barbados Island Flower

Deep in the tropical night, the seductive perfume of island flora creates an air of mystery and romance.


barbados island flower world journey yankee candle

Bavarian Pretzel

Feel downright cozy with the old-fashioned fragrance of homemade fresh, sweet pretzels.





$_57 (3)

Belgian Waffle

Warm, fresh belgian waffles coated in syrup




$_57 (4)

Brazilian Guava


A tropical mix of tart orange and fresh sliced guava—refreshing as a sharp fruit punch on a hot afternoon.


brazilian guava world journeys yankee candle 1336031

Brazilian Passion Fruit

Discover the passion of Brazil, where there’s always a celebration, like Carnival with its colorful parades that samba through the streets of Rio. Here, you’ll experience a new zest for life in the exotic, tangy sweet allure of the Brazilian passion fruit




$_57 (6)

Danish Butter Cookie

Rich and sweet aroma of fresh-baked butter cookie with hints of butterscotch & vanilla.




$_57 (7)

Fiji Beach

No official scent description available.




fiji beach wax crumble

German Apple Strudel

A German favorite . . . golden and sugared on the outside, tart apples and brown sugar on the inside.




$_57 (10)

Greek Fig & Black Currant

Immerse yourself in the vibrant and luscious combination of sun-warmed figs and tart black currants, which will bring to your home the aroma of ripening fruit in the Mediterranean sunshine straight from the Greek coasts and islands.





Hawaiian Lei

A wonderful soft fresh floral with notes of orchid, hibiscus and plumeria.




Hawaiian Lei

Himalayan Air

The peak of cool refreshment . . .a breath of fresh air is an invitingly cool breeze of citrus, wild floral and soft musk.


Himalayan Air world journey yankee candle 1146557

Indonesian Ginger

Enjoy the tantalizing scent of pure Indonesian ginger root oil accented with lemongrass and honey.





Italian Christmas Biscotti


The aroma of special holiday biscotti made with sun-ripened lemons, almonds and buttery vanilla.




Italian Christmas Biscotti

Italian Limoncello


A bright and zesty citrus; perfectly ripe, with a naturally sweet and refreshing scent.

Italian limoncello world journeys yankee candle 1335543

Jamaica Rum Punch


Wonderfully refreshing—fresh berries, a slice of pineapple, and warm sun. You're ready for that palapa on the beach.


Jamaican Rum Punch world journeys yankee candle 13

Japanese Blossom


Take in the inspiring fragrance of sakura cherry blossoms





$_57 (5)

Madagascar Spice


Enjoy the intoxicating aromas of the legendary spice island of Madagascar. This fine candle is infused with Madagascan clove extracts, vanilla and spicy cinnamon.





Madagascar Spice

Malaysian Palm


Like cool, refreshing shade . . . a lush, green scent of sea grass, palm leaves and island coconut.


malaysian palm world journeys yankee candle 124204

Mediterranean Cypress

Pure cypress oil creates a bright, evergreen fragrance that clears the senses and fills your home with the warm, inviting perfume of sun-washed Italian hillsides.





Mediterranean Cypress

New England Maple Cream

Like sunshine on a country morning, this pure, sweet maple aroma warms the heart and soul.


New Zealand Peony

The rich and feminine aroma of the New Zealand Peony, flower of spring's most wanted, seduces with its light sweetness notes.


new zeland peony wax crumble

New Zealand Wild Berry

The pure, lush sweetness of New Zealand raspberry extract with fresh blueberries and gooseberries.

New Zealand Wildberries

North Pole Magic

What holiday dreams are made of, Festive fruits, woods and spices.



Alpine Spruce

There’s a quiet holiday beauty in this blend of woodsy evergreens and cool, freshly fallen snow.





Christmas in Paris

Escape to a glittering Christmas city with Yankee Candle Christmas In Paris, Capture the unique style and sophistication of a Parisian Christmas with pure French pine extract.




Pacific Coconut

A modern blend of vetiver, salt air and driftwood, with pure coconut extract from the Philippines



$_57 (7)

Rolling Hills of Ireland

A pleasant ramble through green covered hills and pastures—an airy scent tinged with grasses and fresh meadow blossoms.

rolling hills of ireland yankee candlw world journey 1337530

Rose of Morocco

Sweet and spicy … the romantic perfume of prized pure Moroccan rose oil.





$_57 (8)

Sahara Sun

A fragrance full of the sun's warmth, swept by a light breeze of sandalwood that carries a hint of creamy coconut and blooming peony.




sahara sun world journey yankee candle 1269844

Sands of Bora Bora

No official description available, To us this is a fresh sweet tropical fruit fragrance mixed with sea salt, The colour is like Yankee Candle's Pink Sands but the scent is very different.

Sands of Bora Bora

Sicilian Orange

When spicy orange mingles with fresh fruits and flowers, the scent is like sunshine for the soul.

$_57 (9)

Sonoma Valley Red

No official scent description available

Sonoma Valley Red

South American Dragonfruit

A refreshing blend of sweet papaya and strawberry with tart tangerine and dragonfruit—exotic.

south american dragonfruit world journey yankee candle 1271195

South American Rainforest

Scent made with pure natural extracts from the South American rainforest.

$_57 (10)

South African Vineyard

Fresh from the vine, a powerful blend of ripe and sweet grapes and a twist of spice.

South African Vineyard

Spas of Thailand

A relaxing and exotic blend of tropical blossoms—meditative and subdued with hints of freesia and melon.

spas of thailand world journey yankee candle 12730

Spice Island Holiday

These luxurious candles use pure Sri Lankan cinnamon extract to capture the festive aroma of Christmas cake baked with cardamom, cloves and fruit.

$_57 (11)

Arctic Glacier

The icy ocean air before the storm.





Arctic Glacier

Caribbean Tradewinds

Experience the calming fragrance of salt air and jasmine, with lush green notes.





Caribbean Tradewinds $_12 (3)

California Redwood

A wonderful scent reminiscent of the giant redwoods of California.




Egyptian Cotton

Surround yourself with the luxuriously fresh, elegant scent of pure Egyptian cotton seed extract.




$_57 (2)

French Lavender

Take a moment for yourself ... relax and unwind with this silky, smooth, lush lavender bouquet.

french lavender world journey yankee candle 1153783

Royal Frankincense

Experience the precious perfume of ancient kings…rich, spicy pure frankincense oil from East Africa.





$_57 (4)

Siberian Silver Fir

From snow-covered arctic peaks, discover the

unique crisp freshness of pure Siberian silver fir oil.

$_57 (5)

Tahitian Tiaré Flower

Reminiscent of sweet gardenias . . . love blooms in the hypnotic fragrance of this snowy white flower.

tahitian tiare flower

Vera Cruz Vanilla

Warm and rich … treat yourself to the famed distinctive aroma of pure Vera Cruz vanilla extract.

$_57 (6)

World Journeys Youtube Videos


This video is from 2013, A few years after the first batch of World Journeys

were released in the USA.


This video is also from 2013, and features other fragrances which have now

been re-released in 2016.


This video is from 2011, It features 2 of the original World Journeys fragrances.


This video is also from 2012, and features other worl journeys fragrances including Jar and tumbler versions.


12 Yankee Candle Linea World Journey 3 ceri fragranze 123 1234 12345 Yankee Candle Linea World Journey 3 ceri fragranze

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The Yankee Candle World Journeys Collection Scent Descriptions

Catalogue Q1Q2 2010 engl by Spirig AG - issuu - Go Yankee Candle by Spirig AG - issuu - Google Chrome world journeys yankee candle wax addicts Yankee Candle World Journeys 2009

World Journeys Official Release Information from 2009 & 2010


Yankee Candle World Journeys 2009 Festive

Wax Addicts

Wax Addicts

Wax Addicts

Wax Addicts

Wax Addicts

World Journeys: 2 new 2016 fragrance additions

Greek Pomegranate



Siberian Fir

From snow-covered arctic peaks, discover the

unique crisp freshness of pure Siberian silver fir oil.


World Journeys: New 2017 fragrance additions

Italian Tiramisu


itialian tiramisu yankee candle world journeys 2017 wax addicts

Kyoto Autumn Leaves


kyoto autumn leaves yankee candle world journey 20

Amsterdam Bloom