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A Yankee Candle storm is brewing

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

So we know Yankee candle have basically given up on Halloween this year, especially in the USA.

Like most other Yankee Candle addicts we look forward to new fragrances each season, but those sneaky people at Yankee HQ have only gone and repackaged a 'limited edition' fragrance into an Autumn/Fall fragrance.

The tea is spilled online and people are going nuts, and why not, you spend money on a limited edition 'City Lights' candle only to find out it's the same scent as the newly released 'Blue Twilight Storm' which in the USA is available BOGOF!

Check the scent descriptions:

City Lights

Filled with the shadows and light that make the city special-our sophisticated mix of black sesame, patchouli and balsam.

Blue Twilight Storm

A brooding sense of storm approaching with a cologne-like mix of black sesame, patchouli, and balsam.

Yankee Candle have annoyed and upset their fan base a lot over the last few years but they should just be honest and tell people if it's a repackaged fragrance.

We have tested both scents and confirm they are indeed different! Similar but different. Blue twilight sky has a base of warm pumpkin which is not present in city lights, City lights is fresh from top to bottom.

Wethink 'Sugared Cinnamon Apple' smells very much like 'Apple Pumpkin', What do you think?


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