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UPDATED - Discontinued Yankee Candle Melts- Replaced

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Yankee Candle have finally confirmed they are to stop production of their classic Wax Melts/Tarts, The 22gram compressed wax bead tarts have been a great way to try fragrances out, In fact in 2013 we originally invented our Wax Crumble Pots as a way for people to try fragrances not available in wax tart format.

Yankee Candle have shown the new style packaging for single use wax melts at the Birmingham trade spring fair. They are 22g but smooth set melted wax in easy to open plastic packaging, Price is confirmed at £1.99 each. ($2 each in the USA)

So treasure any classic wax melts you have and expect them to be a collectors item very very soon, expect prices on ebay to rocket, It could be a great time to go through your collection :)

Here at Wax Addicts our wax crumble pots selection grows larger each and every week, Now with over 800 fragrances to choose from you can expect even bigger and better things from us in the future :)

You can see the unique shape of them in the publicity pic below:

We will of course keep adding more updates when we get them.

UPDATE: 01/JULY 2020

The new melts are appearing in stores, They are still the same amount of wax, still giving 8 hours of fragrance, but now in a plastic clamshell and the price in Europe being a whopping €2.65 each!

Customers are already VERY disappointed to see they are made in Vietnam and not in the USA or even Europe anymore.

How can Yankee Candle justifying another price increase for 22g of wax, They have only released a handful of classic fragrances too, They really are pushing people to buy larger more expensive forms of there products. have them now for £1.99 in the uk.

There will be no new fragrances available until 2021 only classic scents have so far been made available.

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