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Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Updated 12th January 2021 (see last part of article)

Welcome to 2021 and a NEW overhauled Yankee Candle style jars:

  • Slimmer unique design tall jar

  • 2 wicks

  • Soy wax blend

  • Flat brushed tin lid that fits neatly under the base to serve as a candle coaster.

  • Hand-illustrated labels.

Some are already in US outlet stores and should be available from 16th February 2021 in a number classic and of new fragrances:

Amber and Sandalwood

Bayside Cedar

Black Tea and Lemon

Iced Berry Lemonade

Ocean Air

Pink Cherry and Vanilla

Praline and Birch

Tropical Breeze

Vanilla Creme Brûlée

Wild Orchid

They will be available in a range of size options:

Large Jar - 20oz (2wick)

Large Tumbler - 20oz (2wick)

Medium Jar - 13oz (2wick)

3 Wick - 12oz

Small - 4.3oz (1wick)

Just like the Elevation collection, the jar lids are to be used as a candle platform.

Returning favourites will be back each year as the regular one wick apothecary style jars.

The Yankee Candle Classic core fragrance range (Clean Cotton, Black Cherry etc) will still be available in Classic large jar format, Other sizes (classic medium) are being discontinued.

Yankee Candle want to move more sales to their online website, closing most physical stores is their plan going forward, They have already banned official sellers from ebay and other online selling sites.

What do you think to the new design? Will you miss the traditional Large Jars?

UPDATE 12th February 2021

Yankee Candle have reached out on Social Media stating that the 'Classic' one wick style jar will still be made available but in a limited choice of fragrances, The new 'Signature' line will be the main business focus going forward.

With a huge backlash from customers via many social media platforms it seems Yankee Candle is trying to play down the new replacement line but having already spent BILLIONS of $ on the new Signature range doesn't mean they will just stop plans because some customers are not happy, In fact today (12th February 2021) they've launched 46 of the new style tumblers on the USA website.

Remember the disaster that was the label redesign? Remember the uproar when they changed the logo design? They didn't listen to customers then either.


I really dislike everything about these new jars and won’t be buying them at all!! Instead I have been buying old ones from a certain auction site, many of the scents I didn’t have.


Grant Lee Knapper
Grant Lee Knapper
Mar 15, 2021

Awful disgusting designs, shame my purchasing days will come to an end once these are in full swing. 😥

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