Qvc and Yankee Candle Resolve Issues

UPDATED 8pm 4/12/18:

QVCuk have now confirmed the issues have been resolved:

' Following a blog post that we saw on the Wax Addicts website this morning, we would like to confirm that both Yankee Candle and QVC are proud to let you know that we will be continuing our fantastic partnership well into 2019 and beyond.' Liam QVC

We are glad Yankee Candle and QVCuk have managed to sort out the inventory issues that we're causing customers to worry about future orders.

Many have asked why we published this post? Well it was as a service to customers who contacted us directly worried about what they had been told by QVCuk!

Thankfully due to customers contacting Yankee Candle, Presenters and QVCuk directly the stocking issues have now been resolved. (It only took 9 hours for a public reply)

We always verify information told to us by suppliers, Customers, Stockists and you.

We are under no obligation to Yankee Candle and stand very proudly independent, Under no circumstances are we ever bought off with free products for 'positive reviews', We are always honest and transparent.

Let's hope the great QVCuk/Yankee Candle offers continue, If things do change again we will of course let you know :)


Many thousands of Yankee Candle customers have loved buying from QVCuk many years, It seems that will all stop very soon as QVCuk customer services are advising customers that they may not be able to fulfill orders due to Yankee Candle leaving the shopping channel!

Yankee Candle EU customer services have also confirmed the news, It's a sad time for fans who love watching the shows and getting bargain buys.

Would you miss Yankee Candle show's on QVCuk?

YankeeCandleEU have been contacted for 'Official' comment.

QVCuk have stated its an inventory issue and are seeking a workable solution. (see update above)

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