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Mango Simmering Granules 60g Pack


Fill your home with a sweet and juicy scent of freshly picked mangoes.


How to Use Simmering Granuels

  • Natural salt based product for use in a burner
  • Pack containes 60g enough for approx 3 uses, hours of fragrance.
  • Handy resealable pouch.
  • Empty approx 20g into the well of your  burner, Do NOT add water
  • Light tealight beneath to gradually release the scent
  • The product does not evaporate or get hot and is safe, clean and easy to use
  • When the granules have lost their fragrance dispose of and replace.


Each resealable pouch contains 60g of Simmering Granules offering you the chance to enjoy hours of fragrance.

Mango Simmering Granules 60g Pack

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