Teakwood Merlot USA Goose Creek Wax Crumble Pot 22g


Teakwood Merlot USA Goose Creek Wax Crumble Pot


Barrel aged, Parisian merlot sets the mood for a truly magical evening.


Top:Parisian Merlot, Black Wine Grapes

Mid:Wine Barrel, Cardamom, Rosemary

Base:Teakwood, Oakmoss, Mahogany


  • Exclusive 22g wax crumble pots are outstanding value for money. 
  • Easy to store and lock in the fragrance.
  • Hand crumbled preserving the oil rich wax.
  • The same amount of wax as a regular wax melt.
  • USA made fragrance


CLP Allergens | Teakwood Merlot | 


May produce an allergic reaction: tetramethyl acetloctahydronaphthal

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