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Farmer's Market Collection TSV June 27th

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Yankee Candle's Autumn 'Farmer's Market' Collection will be available as a QVCuk Today's Special Value on 27th June.

3 Large Jars in the new 2019 fall fragrances:


The ultimate autumn harvest treat…freshly pressed apples, lightly spiced, and ready to sip.

Dried Lavender & Oak

Hand-tied bunches of lavender mill about the woodsy scents and spices of an outdoor farmer’s market.

Golden Chestnut

Grab a scoop of warm chestnuts roasted with ground spices, woodsy herbs and a touch of citrus.

PLUS Auto Delivery Option- 3 Further selections will be available every 90days

2nd drop Winter 2019: Due September

After Sledding

The scent of tempting treats – sweet maple, baking spices and vanilla bean offers a warm welcome after a day of winter fun. Base notes of vanilla bean and maple drizzle and top notes of cinnamon.

Candlelit Cabin

The warm glow of candlelight welcomes you to a winter retreat – rustic pine, warm spices and earthy notes fill the air. Base notes of patchouli and amber and top notes of rhubarb and apple.

Pomegranate Gin Fizz

A sparkling holiday drink. Sweet pomegranate mingles with fresh citrus and cranberry. Base notes of agave syrup, middle notes of juniper berry gin and top notes of cranberry and fresh lime.

3rd drop Spring:

Due December to be confirmed.

(We really want to tell you what the 4 new 2020 spring fragrances are but the candle police will lock us up, We will of course probably be the first to let you know the news)

4th drop Summer:

Due March to be confirmed.

This will be the first Yankee Candle TSV with the new UK/EU style label.

The link below will take you to QVC 》

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