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Pink Island Sunset by Yankee Candle Review

Throw Rating: Good

Scent Comment: You expect this to be just like Pink Sands....

Scent Thoughts: It pretty much does smell like Pink Sands but with a little more power. The scent description is: Tropical fruits and citrus will have you thinking of gentle trade winds and full, pink sunsets stretching the horizon.

It's gorgeous, melted or burned on a summer's day it really does make you feel happy.

If you like sweet melon type fragrances you should enjoy this.

Throw 8.5/10

Scent 8/10

Burn 8/10

Tested in which wax format: Large Jar Candle + Wax Crumble

Anything to add: This scent was stronger in melt form as are most scents, the Home Inspiration range is very much underrated, Pink Island Sunset is one of the best.

This review was made by Wax Addict DJ


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