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Shock QVCuk Return for Yankee Candle

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Thursday 27th January 2022 saw the last Yankee Candle show on TV shopping channel QVCuk, They we're dropped in dramatic fashion with Guest Presenters taking to social media to thank viewers for watching.

Like most people I never expected to see on QVCuk listings that on Sunday 29th October 2023 at 3pm Yankee Candle are listed for an hour's show!

Charlie Brook is the QVC presenter but who will be the Yankee Candle guest presenter be? What products will they be selling? I will update this page as and when I have more information.

Update: The show is now showing to be with 2 senior QVCuk presenters, Charlie Brook and Debbie Flint.

Plus confirmed by the lady herself, returning to her Yankee Candle Brand Ambassador Role is Rosa Speyer.

8 different product combinations are currently listed in advance of the show, From Signature Jars and Reed Diffusers to Ultrasonic Diffusers and the Advent Calender Book.

This is the only show QVCuk this year, However, more are planned for 2024.

Will you be tuning into QVCuk this Sunday 29th October at 3pm?

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