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The end for Yankee Candle on QVCuk

Today, Thursday 27th January 2022 saw the last ever Yankee Candle show on TV shopping channel QVCuk.

We reported last year the relationship between the two brands was rocky, High customer returns and low sales making things difficult.

Today a very rushed mention on QVC saw the announcement that the hour long show would be the last.

QVCuk was a great platform for Yankee Candle, Many years of good sales and highly viewed shows slowed down when brand ambassadors changed a number of times over the last few years, The brand only supplying QVCuk customers with stock made in the EU and not the USA also did not go down well, With complaints of poor candle performance and lack of exclusives, Customers it seems have chosen to go elsewhere.

Yankee Candle continue to go along with their long term plans to narrow down sales outlets.

Will you miss the Yankee Candle shows on TV?

1 Comment

Oct 18, 2023

Yes very much miss Yankee and Rosa. Hope she is well.

Hard to get Yankee now.

A big fan.

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