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Easter Basket by Yankee Candle Review

Throw Rating: Good

Scent Comment: I think everybody will have a different take on this scent.

Scent Thoughts: Before I bought this, other reviewers described it as being similar to A Child’s Wish (Summer Wish in the USA) I really hated A Child’s Wish, but I like Easter Basket.

Although there are similarities, this is not the same candle. It’s a grassy, clean, fresh scent,it filled my living room nicely so the throw is quite good, it’s not headache inducing strong, just a good thrower.

To me,this reminds me of the chocolate lime hard boiled sweets, by that I don’t mean there is any chocolate ,I just mean the lime in this scent is similar to them. This isn’t an everyday scent,but definitely something different if you like grassy.

Throw 6.5/10

Scent 8.5/10

Burn 10/10

Tested in which wax format: Large Jar Candle

Anything to add: Not everybody will like this, I doubt it will be a regular Easter scent either. But it’s definitely a nice change.

This review was made by Wax Addict Lee

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