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Moonlit Blossoms by Yankee Candle Review

Throw Rating: Good

Scent Comment: I wish this fragrance was stronger,I would put it in the smallest room you have.

Scent Thoughts: I really like this fragrance. Once it gets going ,it really is a pleasant ,light scent that is hard to not like . It smells to me like berries, more perfume than fruit. It’s definitely more perfume than juicy berries, but to me this isn’t a floral candle. I liked Enchanted Moon, so if you liked that, you will like this, in my opinion.

Throw 4.5/10

Scent 7/10

Burn 7/10

Tested in which wax format: Large Jar Candle

Anything to add: Although the ratings are not fantastic in my review,I do like this candle,I just wish it was stronger.

This review was made by Wax Addict Lee


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