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Oak & Amber Incense by Yankee Candle Review

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Throw Rating: Excellent/Strong

Scent Comment: You expect a masculine cologne scent and that's what you get.

Scent thoughts: This scent on cold is the same as when melted, Wonderfully woody, rich, bold and strong.

Really blown away by how strong this fragrance is, Melting this filled the room within a few minutes and the whole house within 20 minutes! Seriously who would think that of a Yankee Candle fragrance.

We absolutely love this fragrance, It has many fragrance notes used in Men's Cologne and has a familiar feel to it.

The official note's are:

Top: Thyme, Galbanum, Pine Mid: Cedarwood, Incense Base: Amber, Oak Moss, Smoky Accords

After melting for an hour the smoky base notes come though, they give this scent a similarity to Yankee's Sparkling Flame scent.

Throw 9/10

Scent 10/10

Burn 10/10

Tested in which wax format: Wax Addicts Wax Crumble

Anything to add: To us this is a another winner for Yankee Candle's Farmer's Market Collection, It's great to have a strong bold cologne scent in the range.

Also on a side note, it's very clear Yankee Candle have indeed increased the fragrance load in this batch of releases, Thank goodness :)

This review was made by Wax Addict DJ

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